Coffee is Uganda’s prime cash crop and is grown in different areas of the country.

At Savannah, our passion is good quality coffee. It’s what gets us up early and keeps us up late. We love it.

We have built our business on the belief that if we pour our hearts and souls into sourcing and processing the best beans, you can pour yourself a perfect cup of coffee and the rest will take care of itself. Extra care in the processing plant leads to extra quality in the cup.


Cereal grains form the bulk of the world’s food energy and are thus considered staple crops.

Maize is East Africa’s staple grain and is produced in virtually all areas of Uganda. At Savannah Commodities, we have built a supply chain that enables us to source this predominant staple crop and other grains as well.

We are able to source, process and deliver sorghum, barley and millet to both local and international markets.

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