Farm Visits

Farm Visits
Farm Visits
At SCL, we feel mandated to Equip farmers with the best farm practices for maximum returns and awesome yields. We have been carrying farm visits in the different districts of Uganda, not only to appreciate the farming practices of many of our framers, but also to educate and carry out awareness programs on how the farmers can use their farm lands to produce the best yield types of crops that will easily be bought off at the time of harvests.

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Recent Operations
We are currently expanding our processing, silo storage & value addition infrastructure to avail to the farmers’ grain & pulse handling throughout the year. Savannah has chosen to go green and has installed high energy efficient agro processing, handling & storage complex driven by motors & drier systems.
  • We have Warehouse facilities
  • Quality Control Laboratory
  • State of the art Silos!

The Highest Accomplishment
We currently have TWO agro processing plants that have a combined capacity of 20 tons per hour and handle the following agro –processing activities: coffee cupping at our modern Coffee laboratory and cupping, Preclean, agro produce dry, destoning, hulling, colour sorting, polishing & grading. We have silos and warehouses facilities within the agro-processing complex in Kampala and branches in the major coffee producing regions of the country. We are currently handling 85% of coffee & 15 % grain. In addition we have developed expertise in processing other agricultural commodities like maize, beans, sorghum, barley and millet.
Effective procedures
With warehouses and grading facilities located in Kampala and out-stations in all major coffee-producing regions of Uganda, we are in a position to rapidly source, grade and export coffee according to the client’s needs.
Our Mission & Vision
Vision: To provide Agro processing infrastructure, agro value addition & Soft commodities trading solutions company in East Africa.

Mission: One Stop for value addition on agro-products where the agro-commodities are exported or traded to other manufacturing industries.

We now handle a Variety of Crops. We strive to ensure that our services remain Outstanding!!

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